The Boutique

UnDone was set up in the Autumn of 2013 by local designer Katie Hern.
(The name UnDone is derived from Katie’s graduate collection entitled ‘UnDone Dreams’)

Boutique02Following her dream of opening a shop ‘with a sewing machine instead of a till,’ Katie managed to convince her husband to take on the renovation of a decrepid building and 12 months later the transformation into an enchanting boutique was complete.

UnDone, ‘the shop around the corner’ is situated just off Bryn-y-Mor Road on Catherine Street in Swansea. From Tuesday to Saturday Katie can be found working away at her sewing machine creating her bespoke, vintage inspired designs which range from bridal gowns and veils, bridesmaid dresses to one-off occasion wear. Katie’s unique style pieces old and new together to create individual, feminine garments.


‘A curious little boutique where everything on display is for sale… (with only a few exceptions!)

UnDone is a treasure trove which is filled with an eclectic selection of hand picked vintage clothing and accessories, homewear and stationary.

These carefully sourced pieces sit alongside her own handmade designs, providing Katie and her customers with beautiful surroundings and are also available for customers to purchase.

Katie enjoys trying new challenges and loves the collaboration with clients and seeing their ideas come to life. If you have anything in mind that you want made don’t hesitate to contact…